To All Trump Supporters and Those of Us Who Have to Put Up With Them

by mattva13

“Youth ages, immaturity is outgrown, ignorance can be educated, and drunkenness sobered, but stupid lasts forever.”

– Aristophanes

Donald Trump supporter Birgitt Peterson of Yorkville, Ill., argues with protesters outside the UIC Pavilion after the cancelled rally for the Republican presidential candidate in Chicago on Friday, March 11, 2016. (E. Jason Wambsgans/Chicago Tribune/TNS via Getty Images)


I want to start off by saying that I was wrong. Dead wrong, honestly, as I really didn’t think that Donald Trump would be the nominee. Why? Well a few reasons…

  1. When he first announced, he wasn’t running a real campaign. His appearances were scarce. He would hold only an event or two a week and give some crazy rally blathering his idiocy and vitriol, not much different than what he does now. Candidates, especially running for a higher office, typically have several events a day or do media when they’re not stumping.
  2. I thought the Republican Party would get their act together after being trounced in the last two presidential elections and finally realize that the country had progressed far beyond their disgustingly horrid social views the majority of the country abhors and economic policies that led to one depression nearly 100 years ago and the near-depression in 2007-2008.
  3. As the campaign went on and Trump’s vitriolic and hateful rhetoric increased, while also being wrapped in an empty bag of substance, logic, and common sense on virtually every single issue, I thought even the worst conservatives would go to another candidate and realize the Grand Wizard of Grand Ole Klan has no clothes. Many didn’t. While there were a lot who have been repulsed by him, there were many more who have taken control of the party. Now, even many of the the self-described “moderate conservatives have accepted he will likely be the nominee if no convention shenanigans occur and have not only accepted it, but are embracing it while showing their true colors.

But as I said, I was dead wrong.

Donald Trump will very likely be the Republican nominee for the general election this year. I wish I could feel sorry for those on the right who disavow him and all that he stands for but I don’t. Ever since the election of President Obama there has been a growing portion of the right who could have been stopped long ago but those moderates in the GOP never spoke up. The Tea-Party has melded with the far-right fringe and become the fervent base of Trump. They are the birthers who still think President Obama is some muslim insurgent born in Kenya. They are the government obstructionists who have hindered this country’s growth since the 2010 election. They are the Obama-haters who base their entire political worldview on memes, bullshit right-wing blog sites, and chain-emailesque conspiracy theories (or actual chain-emails). The racists. The xenophobes. The ignorant and uneducated Fox News viewers. The racist uncles, friends, and family members who have made you sick with their keyboard-coward Facebook tirades. They are fuel and engine electorally propelling Trump in these primaries. They are Donald Trump. They haven’t been taken seriously the last eight years and they shouldn’t be now.

The attitude I seem to hear a lot from his defenders, and the defenders of his defenders who may not even really support him passionately, is “We can have our own opinion! I disagree with your candidate but I don’t say anything! Free speech!”, and normally, I would agree with that. I work in politics. I have no problem with that attitude and know firsthand that all conservatives aren’t what I described above. This, however, is different. Why? Because Trump is different. For anyone who is remotely mature, decent, moral, and not a complete ignorant fool, it’s not hard to see how he’s different. My candidate, or any other candidate for that matter, isn’t in any way, shape, or form close to being as repulsive and dangerous as Trump. No other candidate mocks a handicapped man at a rally and on national media. No other candidate repeatedly makes disgusting comments about the hispanic communityNo other candidate has repeatedly made disgusting comments about women. No other candidate encourages violence at their rallies. That violence has in return has spilled over into our society in general. No other candidate has not only courted the fringe, far-right extremists but has widespread support and from Klan/White supremacist organizations and leaders, the endorsement from the most notorious white-supremacist in modern American politics, David Duke, and actually have these people and organizations actively supporting his campaigns with everything from fundraising to direct support to his campaign from robo-calling to volunteering in his offices. To add to the terrifying examples, his candidacy has also raised interest and recruiting in white-supremacist organizations and they have even proudly admitted this. And there’s also this, this, this, and this

Why on earth should I, or any thinking person with morals or an ounce of intelligence take any Trump supporter seriously? Maybe, and this is a big maybe, his supporters could have been looked at as anything other than an ignorant bigot who just doesn’t understand economic, domestic, foreign, or social issues and just liked his asshole personality that is sometimes humorous just because of the sheer ridiculousness of it. But that time has passedIt’s not funny anymore. It’s not entertaining anymore. It’s not harmless anymore. It’s not acceptable or excusable anymore, if it ever was. It hasn’t been any of those things for many months now. His supporters have had enough time to come to their senses and find their moral compass, if either exist in them, so they can’t be treated as simply someone who you disagree with. They can and should be ignored when possible. They should also be called out and ridiculed when necessary. They just aren’t in the polite “respect our opinion and beliefs” circle anymore that we already put waaaaaaaay too many people in. They are a part of an ever increasing dangerous and violent voting bloc and sect of the underbelly of society we have been fighting against for decades. Their kind have been damaging this country since it’s inception and fought tooth-and-nail against every attempt at progress this country has made. They are the same, for example, as those who wear the white sheets and showed their support for their demagogue with a raised, right hand and heel click. They just put the sheet back on the bed, lost the gesture (well, sort of), and have social media accounts to blather their ignorance and putrid views they beg the rest of us to respect because, well, they have no real coherent and mature defense of the indefensible. They have lowered themselves to nothing more than frighteningly fervent fools with Facebook accounts. 

Trump supporters lost all credibility a long time ago. The “new” supporters who are now embracing this vile man aren’t excusable either. While they may have been supporting the other clowns in the GOP circus, the Rubio’s and Cruz’s for example, they still saw the disgusting antics of Trump and his supporters while their candidate was still in the race. They can’t play dumb to what’s been going on for nearly a year now, especially not with the massive 24-hour news coverage Trump has been getting in the media. There is no excuse. There is no leeway to justify rallying behind Trump now that he has all but secured the Republican nomination. As I mentioned before, that ship of innocent ignorance has sailed long ago if it ever was in the port of rationality and decency to begin with. Trump supporters, whether they like or acknowledge it, have walked over to the side of lunacy and hate with those already there supporting der Führer. They have locked arms with them whether they like it or not. They have said to the rest of us that they are okay with all of those horrid things this man has said and did. They have now endorsed his demagoguery and condoned his vile behavior. They have expressed their lack of moral integrity and deflated the air of decency that may have surrounded them before. They have lost their fucking mind, morally speaking, and we don’t have to respect that. No one does.

So, I say to Trump supporters old and new: embrace it. You have disqualified yourself from any and all discussion on virtually every issue facing this country. If you haven’t already, start chanting “Build the wall!” and put on that red, modern-day dunce cap/white hood embroidered with the words “Make America Great Again”. Your candidate literally speaks on a third-grader level, and purposefully so because that’s what you understand and love about him. We wouldn’t take eight year olds seriously if they were to start incoherently rambling on important social and economic issues pertaining to this country and her people…and we don’t have to take seriously the adult-adolescents who do it now supporting Trump.

Run along now, friends and my patriots of the fanatical bigotry making America hate again. Go play on the playground of the obtuse and cover yourself with the callowness. Go dangle from the jungle-gym of disgusting nativism and white supremacy. Go wallow in the sandbox of idiocy and obliviousness. Just…go away. Your kind, like anyone who isn’t white, right, and full of fervent hate at a Trump rally, aren’t welcome here any longer. Those of us who treasure diversity, progress, and pine for the more perfect union you’re trying to dismantle aren’t having it anymore. This is our country. We’ll continue taking it forward, not back, come November.