Another message to Trump’s Appalachian deplorable’s…

by mattva13

You can divorce policy from support but you cannot divorce morality and decency from it. When you endorse a candidate, or support them, it is not an adoption of every single thing they have ever said or done. An approach to democracy through the prism of perfection does not function. Why? We’re imperfect, individualistic human being’s casting a ballot for other imperfect, individualistic human being’s to run the country. While politicians should be held to incredibly high-standards, you can still vote for one even if you disagree with them on some issues. The only person that will every agree with you 100%, and 100% of the time, that person is you. The bar should be high but everything to everyone is simply not realistic. Trump and his mob, however, are different. Their antics and reconciliation with their candidates flaws, which is being an all-around vile person, is not something mature adults should have much dialogue with. This is a candidate similar to very few before him while also being this close to the White House.

If you support Donald Trump and will be voting for him, you also support and standby his:

  • Outstanding amount of lies, real fucking lies that matter, even with all of the evidence in front of him.
  • Mocking a physically handicapped reporter because the reporter, wait, never mind….it’s not okay regardless of what the reporter did and googling can confirm it if that’s not enough for you.
  • Degrading women, proudly, openly, and continuously since long before his campaign ever began.
  • SEXUALLY ASSAULTS WOMEN, admits to this on a hot-mic, and then proceeds to write it off as “locker-room talk” and also finds time to attack some of the victims looks and complete integrity as a person. I should really stop here even if I started with it at the top because that’s just fucking enough, but…
  • The denying of the the stories of numerous women who have said he has sexually assaults just to let others know.
  • Support killing the children and family members of people who happen to be terrorists.
  • Support deporting tens of millions of people who a good many of you, especially around here, have never, even seen more than one hispanic a day for like a month. They aren’t stealing anything from you including jobs, and likely contribute as much to our society for your ungrateful and ignorant so, as Louis CK says, even though it’s not true to begin with, that “if someone without contacts, money, or speaking the language steals your job, you’re shit.”
  • Mocks a POW, John McCain, that either you or the same family that voted for him, and is influencing your horrible source of information concerning politics and social issues, because he was capture and to quote Trump “He’s a war hero because he was captured. I like people that weren’t captured, OK?”
  • Literally uses dick-jokes and dick measuring-contests in rebuttals on a national debate stage.
  • Ban an entire religion of people, a religion of people most of whom you’ve never met, from entering the country like that’s a real thing that can be done in the first place.
  • Support someone who literally has no actual political positions or a platform. He, and this is confirmed by studies, speaks at a elementary school-grade level because his supports understand and latch-on to it because “we’re going to build a wall” is about as in-depth as they think about any issue, simple or complex. Name me his five, detailed policy proposals if if were to win…
  • Has numerous endorsements, and counting, from a laundry-list of white supremacist and Neo-Nazi groups, leaders, and the most infamous racist in recent American politics, David Duke. You’re okay with that? I know some people around here, unfortunately and disgustingly, actually do.
  • You support someone who literally has nothing else in common with you besides that you both breathe air and if it were up to him, you’d have to pay for it. He’s not like you. His claim-to-fame isn’t being a good businessman or a leader. It’s for being famous. He was the Kim Kardashian before their was a Kim Kardashian. He doesn’t know what the color of coal is and sure as hell what color it turns lungs. He wouldn’t piss on you if you were on fire so let’s stop pretending he’ll save the world even if he had the best intentions and wasn’t a maniacal person to his core.
  • You support a man who boasted incessantly about helping veterans yes who has literally stiffed multiple veterans organizations before he was running for President.
  • A man and his candidacy who has literally caused an uptick in bullying aimed against jewish, black, hispanic, etc. children in school all because of the exposure to the hate this man spews and you, if you’re a parent, LET THEM! What. Is. Wrong. With. You.
  • Insulted a Gold Star, muslim family, for his vitriolic and disrespect language toward muslim heroes and has certainly not apologizing to them at all. Yes they can and are heroes, by even attacking the mother claiming that no it wasn’t the grief of speaking about her dead son, but it was her religion?? What’s wrong with y’all?
  • Even though he had appeared in a soft-core porn, he also signed an anti-porn pledge this cycle? Again, WHAT’S WRONG WITH Y’ALL?
  • Insanely claims that a highly-respected and competent judge couldn’t possibly rule fairly on the disgusting Trump University scam because he was born in Indiana and his parents were immigrants. Oh yeah, he was appointed by a republican governor.
  • And if you’re still believing that President Obama, you’re an idiot. I have to include it though because this man was one of the biggest backers of the racist and utterly asinine”birther-movement”.
  • And finally, but only because I could list at least a hundred more things, we can all pretty much assume he’s attracted to his daughter and has recently said some really, um I don’t know, questionable” remarks about 10 year old and 14 year oldWhat the FUCK is wrong with y’all?

The man has literally called voters like you, who may not vote for him because of these reasons and a plethora of others, are dumb like he called Iowa voters. What. Is. The. Matter. With. You.

I’m not saying that the entirety of the Trump mob are the worst people in the world but they are more than just a “basket full of deplorable’s” because I think every person by now has to believe some deplorable things to support Trump in any shape or form. Trump supporters, and I assume some are good people, can never been taken seriously anymore. The ones with the Trump yard-signs are either the same or couldn’t find a sturdy pole to strap a Confederate Flag to their vehicle. Appalachia, it’s poverty and way-too-many low-information voters have no excuse either. We have way too many in the coal-bucket full of deplorable’s to deny it. The rest of us, however, must stand strong. Our vote counts as much as anywhere else in the state, especially in a battleground state like Virginia. Let’s be sure to wake up November 9th and know that the good guys won and all of those obnoxious, ridiculous Trump supporters will be losing their minds and solace can be found. We’ll go high but we’ll stay there a little longer once this man and his ilk are defeated.